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It takes a team

Well, another blog post is upon us. Each week I look through the photos from last year’s event. I find it inspiring to see all the smiles, fun outfits and the participants of all ages. Some pictures show small groups of people or individuals who joined the action. Some pictures show big groups with something in common.

I’ve looked at many of these large groups and wondered many things. What brought them together? Why did they choose to participate in this particular event? How did they decide on their outfits? Were they trying to win an award?

One of the many groups that joined the fun last year was a group of coworkers from Altru’s Same Day Surgery department. Obviously, they work together so that answers that one. They chose to participate for several reasons I’m sure but I heard this from a few of their team members.


2014 Altru Same Day Surgery


“Our department at Altru, Same Day Surgery, all participated.What a fun way to raise money to benefit our community” – Mavis

“What an amazing event! It was great to be part of such an energetic and fun event with such a worthwhile cause. ” – Michelle

I’m not sure how they chose their outfits but anything that incorporates sunshine is encouraged. What more could you ask for? Bright, sunshiny-yellow tshirts. Fun sunshine glasses. Smiling faces and lots of laughter I’m sure! I love the above picture but I like this one that was just recently sent to me as well.

Same Day surgery team for blog

The Same Day Surgery team was awarded the trophy for the team that embodies the greatest amount of Sunshine. They’ve proudly kept it safe and secure for nearly a year now. I bet they’re already thinking of ideas for the upcoming Sunshine Fest!

We’ve talked a little about registration before. As part of the online registration process you can add your “team name”. I think you should do that! Start a conversation with your friends. Chat with family while you’re celebrating the upcoming holidays. Talk with your coworkers. All you need is a group of any size! It could be your family of four or team of 20 colleagues.

I’ll do my part to get you started…click here…and head on over to the registration page. It’s going to be lots and lots of fun for a wonderful cause. Get going and get ready to share your sunshine in February!

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