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Party time

This time of year seems filled with parties, gatherings, food and fun. Each year my family’s December calendar is packed with places to be, things to do and people to see. Then, it inevitably seems, we turn the page to January, winter really settles in and life slows down, if only a little bit.

The Sunshine Fest committees are going strong and their work will not slow down in January. As the calendar turns to 2015 you’re going to start seeing advertisements and more information on the 5th annual event. You may hear more about the event at work or through friends and your team will start coming together. Plus, I’m sure you’ll be missing all the parties, yummy food and friends around you. So……

I’d like to offer a suggestion to all of you planning those teams for Sunshine Fest 2015.

  1. Set aside a time and place for your team to gather.
  2. Figure out what your team theme/costume will be.
  3. Send out a supply list and have members come prepared to decorate, craft or tutu the night away.
  4. Laugh, craft, eat and share stories.
  5. Leave the party ready to vie for a fabulous trophy at Sunshine Fest on February 7, 2015!

A dear friend hosted a similar gathering that I was part of a few years ago as we geared up for the Color Run. That particular race is all about fun, color and laughs (sounds similar to this one)! So we met up with yards of colorful tulle and elastic and made ourselves coordinating tutus and a few signs for our “fans” to hold along the race. Trust me when I tell you it was fun for everyone, starting with the sweetest 1 year old who thought we were all crazy! My daughters were 5 and 8 at the time and they had a blast as well.

The ideas and the possibilities are endless. So have fun with it! Here are a few pictures from last year’s event to inspire you.

2014 Altru Family Birthing Center1621799_698531546858479_1289337234_nMED_3028


We’re all very busy now but in January we’ll be looking for lots of Sunshine!

Until then,

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