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Time to register!

It’s December and you know what that means….time to register for Sunshine Fest of course! Ok, ok so that may not be the first thing that comes to mind as the calendar turns to December. However, the busy-bees at Sunshine Fest have been hard at work getting a great registration system in place. Those who have participated before will notice some changes. You can register as an individual or you have the option of adding a team name to your registration information. Remember…the more the merrier at this event!

Brittany Dvorak (pictured on left below) is spearheading registration at the 2015 event. She’s a veteran volunteer and will be ensuring things go as smoothly as possible the morning of February 7th.

DSC_0028“I joined Sunshine Memorial Foundation and their walk because I love the ideas and goals they have to help make a difference in individuals lives! With having endured cancer treatment and all side effects that come with that, I have a true connection for the changes in life a patient has to adjust too. Realizing how many things I took for granted in life before beating cancer really opened my eyes on every aspect of life. There is no way I can thank everyone that was with me on my journey so I want to turn around and give back as much as I can. Sunshine Memorial Foundation was a great opportunity to do just that. I love the idea of Grand Forks having a hospitality home as such a house helped my family tremendously during my journey. The hospitality house for me was the place of good memories and the hospital was the place of bad memories.”

Now your assignment is to start recruiting your team and head over to Sunshine Memorial Foundation’s homepage to register. Click here!

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