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Where do the proceeds go?

So I’ve been hearing and learning about Sunshine Fest in recent weeks. Volunteers and participants involved in past events speak about the event with excitement and passion. As they speak, you can almost ‘feel’ the fun you’ll have when you participate. Doesn’t it look like fun?


Then there’s the added benefit that you’re supporting some great charitable causes.

In January 2011, the Sunshine Memorial Foundation hosted its 1st Annual More Sunshine Walk and Fun Run. The event had 102 walkers and runners and raised over $8,000 with proceeds to be split between three causes including: the Sunshine Memorial Foundation hiker and hydration awareness programs, the Special Olympics of Grand Forks, and the Dewey Kvidt Memorial Duathlon event which sponsored a yoga room at Choice Health and Fitness.

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The 2nd Annual More Sunshine Walk and Fun Run held in 2012 hosted around 225 participants and rose over $27,000 with proceeds to be split between three causes, including: The Sunshine Memorial Foundation hiker and hydration awareness programs, the proposed Sunshine Hospitality Home Project, and Brittany Dvorak and Family to sponsor a basketball court at Choice Health and Fitness.


In January of 2013, the Foundation hosted Sunshine Fest, including the 3rd Annual More Sunshine Walk & Fun Run. The event raised estimated $75,000 total while promoting and with all proceeds benefitting the proposed Sunshine Hospitality Home Project. There were approximately 900 attendees.


This past January 2014, more than 900 people participated in the 4th Annual Sunshine Fest walk/run event and over $80,000 was raised with all proceeds going to the Sunshine Hospitality Home. Once again the growth continued.

The proceeds from the upcoming 5th Annual Sunshine Fest 2015 will once again benefit the Sunshine Hospitality Home project. The Home will benefit countless patients and families coming to Grand Forks for medical treatment. This home will be unique in that it will serve people with all medical issues seeking care from any provider.




Based on the excitement and determination of those volunteering to plan this event, I think it’s very likely the growth in participation and proceeds will continue. You’re not going to want to miss it…so raise your hand if you’ll be there!



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