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Here’s a little quiz for you!

Question #1…

Q: How many people participated in the 1st Annual More Sunshine Walk in 2011?

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A: 102 participants

How did you do? Have you been reading along?


Question #2…

Q: How many volunteers will be involved in the 2015 Sunshine Fest event?







A: There are 38 volunteers currently working on various committees to get the event ready. Additionally, it will take about 75 people to make this event happen on February 7th!


Remarkable, isn’t it? Five years later and there are now more people making this event happen than participated in the first walk. A few weeks ago I attended the Volunteer Kick-Off meeting. There are several committees this year and each has a chairperson. The chairpeople each took a turn updating the group on that committee’s work. The thing that struck me after this meeting was the passion and excitement these people have for Sunshine Fest. They are all giving their time and talents to support a wonderful event.

Overseeing the work of the various committees is Jerilyn Rethemeier. I asked her to share a bit about how she got involved in this event. Here’s what she says…


“I became aware of Sunshine Fest while working with Donovan Larson, currently the CEO/President of the Sunshine Memorial Foundation.  I started out with registration 4 years ago, co-chaired the event last year, and am the chair of this year’s event. The hospitality home is the vision of the Larson family to honor Shannon. What a beautiful way to remember a loved one by giving to others.  

Altru employees tell of families sleeping in hallways and waiting rooms or cars in the parking lot because they have nowhere else to go while their loved ones are in the hospital, cannot afford a hotel or meals outside their home.  The hospitality home will offer the home away from home to deal with their physical needs while they deal with the emotional decisions and tolls associated with an extended hospital stay of a family member.  

We are blessed to be a blessing to others.  My hope is that the hospitality home will be a blessing to many in the surrounding ND and MN communities.” 



As Jerilyn and the other 37 people currently serving on committees have done, I encourage you all to get involved…whether that be through helping out or participating in this event. There will be some more volunteer opportunities coming for this February event so stay tuned. I’ll share how you can get involved as soon as details are finalized.

Until then, enjoy the first few flakes of snow and the sunshine in between!

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