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My name is Stacy and I am a wife and mom of 2 from Grand Forks. I’m new to this event and the process of making it happen. In the coming weeks I’ll bring you peeks at what is going on behind the scenes to bring this incredibly fun event to our region.

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Save the date!

Hello! Happy Fall to you all. My family and I enjoyed a wonderful summer, but I must say I’m enjoying the crisp mornings and the beautiful autumn colors that surround us these days. It’s time to begin thinking about the 6th Annual Sunshine Fest already! Sunshine Memorial Foundation is preparing to host its annual event, […]

Registration location update

Hello all! I can hardly wait for Saturday morning to roll around. Here are the most up-to-date locations for registration. Runners will register in the Main Lobby (main entrance). Walkers on a team register at the Southwest Entrance (student entrance). All other walkers can register at either the Southwest or Northwest Entrance. As always, visit […]

And the winner is….

Can you believe it? We are just THREE days away from the big event! I bet you’ve had team discussions. You’ve figured out what your theme is. You’ve designed your team uniforms and you’re ready to go. If you still need additional information check out Online registration is no longer available but have no […]

Fun stuff

If you haven’t already registered you need to do that ASAP people! You can visit to get all the Sunshine Fest schedule details and get registered. I have some fun pictures to share today. Who doesn’t love a swag bag with neat stuff?!?!?!? Every participant will receive a water bottle, a carabiner, and a […]

Time to take a chance

Last week something showed up in my inbox. All I needed to see was the subject line which read…Board Raffles for Sunshine Fest. Since I’ve been to a few Sunshine Fest meetings I knew what it was immediately. Who doesn’t like to take a chance and hope to win? Especially when it supports a great […]

Here’s the schedule

With these very cold days of winter we’ve been experiencing lately, I for one could use a little sunshine! Thankfully the details are coming together, the committees are working harder than ever and soon February 7 will be here. Yay! You really should register if you haven’t already. Just click here to get that out of […]

Health and Wellness Fair

There will be so many wonderful and fun activities happening on February 7. I’m excited to see and learn from the Health and Wellness Fair. This is a big part of Sunshine Fest. Any health and wellness related organizations are invited to display their resources and services for participants. I’ve heard you can walk through […]

Today I just wanted to share a quick greeting and quote with you. Cassie Gerhardt and her family have been part of Sunshine Fest in the past. They are Team Super Jack! She recently shared this with me and I thought it was very appropriate for this season.   “Participating in Sunshine Fest was an […]

Party time

This time of year seems filled with parties, gatherings, food and fun. Each year my family’s December calendar is packed with places to be, things to do and people to see. Then, it inevitably seems, we turn the page to January, winter really settles in and life slows down, if only a little bit. The […]

It takes a team

Well, another blog post is upon us. Each week I look through the photos from last year’s event. I find it inspiring to see all the smiles, fun outfits and the participants of all ages. Some pictures show small groups of people or individuals who joined the action. Some pictures show big groups with something […]

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