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Sunshine Fest: Fundraise for Furniture

Proceeds from every Sunshine Fest go toward charitable causes in our community. For the last several years, they have gone toward the Sunshine Hospitality Home project. (To learn more about the Hospitality Home, explore around our website.) Since we are now in the construction phase (yay!) we are focusing our efforts on raising funds for furniture, fixtures, and equipment that will go in the Home.

As you can imagine, it takes a lot to furnish a three-story Home like this. Tables, sofas, chairs, lamps, TV’s, etc… All of that adds up to a little over $350,000.

So put on your walking (or running) shoes, and ask people to sponsor your mileage! We’ve created a packet that makes it super easy to go around to your neighbors, friends, and family and ask them to donate as you do laps around the Ralph. We even created a couple of incentives to reward those who choose to grab a fundraising packet. If you collect $500 or more from the generous people you asked, your name or your team’s name will be included on the donor wall in the main lobby of the Sunshine Hospitality Home! Also, the teams that raise the most money (per team member) will be awarded some amazing prizes!

If you would like to receive a fundraising packet, please contact the office at 701.738.2462 or e-mail

We look forward to seeing you at Sunshine Fest, January 27th, and for the Home to open sometime this year!

Until then,

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