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Don’t wait, hydrate!

I’m always trying to incorporate more healthy lifestyle tips into my everyday life. One thing that I’ve really improved upon in the last year or so is drinking water. It seems like such an easy concept but in reality I have to remind myself and sometimes trick myself into getting those ounces down each day!

Tritan_DRAFTThe Sunshine Memorial Foundation supports and will continue to support several projects related to hydration and hiker awareness educational programs. Hydration has always been, and will always be, central to the Foundation’s mission and the
effect it has on our lives. The Sunshine Memorial Foundation supports hydration initiatives such as the “Don’t Wait, Hydrate” program from Safe Kids Grand Forks. Dehydration is something that can be prevented. Education and awareness can help save lives. The Foundation also plans to sponsor programs and provide trail head signs dedicated to help educate hikers about all safety measures.

So, as we enter the winter season, please remember to drink your water and hydrate, always! Something that’s so simple sounding can really save your life!

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