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Sunshine Fest: The Making Of

When asked by our staff member, Traci, for some input about the making of Sunshine Fest and a history of sorts, one thing came to mind, YOU. There have been so many people over the years that have helped build this event into what it has become. The resounding comments that we hear from those that have been involved by volunteering or attending is that Sunshine Fest is a FUN event, and to that end, we’ve been blessed.
The history and logistics of Sunshine Fest over the years has changed immensely. We’ve gone from 106 people the first year to now sustaining over 1,000 each year!  What started as a ‘find whoever we can’ to meet around a table to get the event pulled off successfully, changed into a full on labyrinth of committees working towards shared goals. It has certainly evolved over the years. However, one thing we’ve found consistent is that a concerned group of citizens can change the world. And we have those in our community!

From the early ‘round-table’ to the large committees:

  • You’ve helped envision what Sunshine Fest could be
  • You’ve helped refine what Sunshine Fest should be
  • You’ve given countless hours to shape what Sunshine Fest is today
  • You’ve shared the message, built teams, and inspired others

Sunshine Fest is a Health & Wellness event that tries to ‘Bring Sunshine’ to everyone in the winter to honor Shannon’s January 22nd birthday. The original vision was to raise funds to affect community needs of all walks of life: “sharing in the work to share in the wealth,” all in a caring spirit. Yes, there’s a Health & Wellness Fair, a 5k Run & a 3K Walk, but it’s become so much more. Some years we’ve started planning the day the Fest is over and others we just begin late in the year. It always comes together though.  People gathering together to support their community, dressing up in exciting team costumes, & sharing with each other their passion.

We’ve had hundreds of volunteers help and we couldn’t have done it without you.  For starters, here’s some key one’s:

“More Sunshine Award” – Started the first year in 2011 for the “Person that best embodies a spirit and attitude of helping others with the greatest amount of Sunshine”

Brittany Dvorak, Carma Hanson, Mary Glessner, JoEllen Cariveau, Ann-Marie Morrow, & Jan Bjork

“Volunteer of the Year Award” – Started in 2014 “For volunteer service beyond the call of duty that has truly made a difference.”

Don Anderson, Jerilyn Rethemeier & Pam Henderson

Above are just some that have helped in years past, but is certainly not everyone. Thank you to those that have helped in the past and come join us if you haven’t. There are still things to accomplish to make Sunshine Fest a big success again on February 11th, 2017!  Would you like to be a part of it?  Give us a call at 701.738.2462 or email to help, or just pre-register here.  We’d love to see you!

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